Michael Andersson
Date of birth: October 26th 1975
Sign: Scorpio
Profession: Drummer

Michael Andersson was born in the city of Borås in Sweden on the 26th of October 1975 and started his drumming career on his mothers pots and pans, not an entirely unusual progress for a young drummer but in Michael´s case he would later evolve the pots and pans syndrome into real furniture beating before taking it to the drum set as we know it.

As an 8 year old he started talking lessons at the public school of music in Borås with classical percussionist Julian Kursawa and Per Nordebring who would become his first drum set instructor.
Years went by and Michael grew older and wiser as he played in different ensembles, in different styles such as jazz and rock, classical and orchestral. 16 year old Michael was now to have his first clinic in association with a local music store and Yamaha Scandinavia and Zildjian, this was going to be a real adventure, and the first CD that he ever recorded "Mystery Island" with producer/technician Erik Mossling at the Swedish Broadcasting System was going to lay the foundation to the clinic! My guess is that at least 15 people showed up, it wasn't really what he had hoped for but some years later we did it again, a new CD "Black Spot" and a new crowd.

The music scene in Borås was really a small one, it didn't take that long to start meeting people, working in the studios and gigging in the clubs! But Michael knew that his journey had just started, and at the age of 18 he enrolled in "The Central Band of the Royal Swedish Army" were he was enlisted for ten months with drum instructor Cpt. Tommy Törner.

1996, the year of The Berklee College of Music era and friends and family for life. Michael recalls his first meeting with roommates Josh Eskin and Youki Onda, but also meeting the lovely Carol Calato for the first time, a month later he was a Regal tip artist. During the time at Berklee he studied with greats such as Ed Kaspik, Robert Kaufmann, Joe Hunt and many, many more and having had an opportunity like this can't ever be replaced by any other opportunity in the world, thanks for your time and patience.

Michael in The Central Band
of the Royal Swedish Army

Michael graduated from Berklee 1999 and moved to Los Angeles where he worked with composer/musical director Kevin Nadue and Pablo Mungia to name but a few, but the Thursday nights at the Backstage Café with the Red Orchestra were always great fun, and of course the late night sessions at Westlake and all the other great studios.

A tour suddenly came up, and then another and then another, today the list is quite long with performances with artists such as: Patricia Kaas, Ben Vereen, The Red Orchestra, Michael Sean Harris, Chrissy Faith, Cheb Mami, MOG, Hal Frazier, Scott Record, Gary Mule Deer, Lyn Lychting, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Holiday On Ice/Ice Tribe Band, Leo Sayer, Conrytmo, Khaled Habib, Dracula The Musical and many, many more.

The future is exiting, the upcoming CD "iMike and the Vicky Vale Galaxy" is to be released right here on the website, and the association with Zildjian Cymbals, Calato Regal tip Drumsticks will get this album kicking! It's described as an empty canvas with sounds to manipulate the listener to hallucinate whatever comes into his or her mind! The exiting work with percussion ensemble ConRytmo is always there; they might just come and visit your event or city. Jamaican artist Michael Sean Harris who had Michael Andersson playing drums on his debut album "Ten Thousand Miles" is about to do it again, once more with Mr. Andersson behind the kit.

The Beat Shark Drum Academy will open in late 2009; this will be the coolest drum experience for some lucky people in the Stockholm area. Touring and recording projects will be released on the website, and contact/contractinformation will also be on this website as you can work together with Michael Andersson, Beat Shark Music for online recordings and other cool projects, just don't hesitate to ask.